From 2019-2020 I was the Lead UX Designer on the Compass Design System at EagleView. I collaborated with multiple designers, engineers, and PMs on several applications ranging from native mobile to web apps. I led the birth of this system from conception to launch. Throughout my research, I determined that we should leverage Google's Material Design System for our guiding principles and fork Material UI's repo to provide us initial velocity and out-of-the-box components. V1 of the Compass Design System included web components designed in Figma and developed in React. Within 3 months post-launch of the Design System, engineering and design teams were reporting as much as a 50% uptick in productivity and sprint velocity.

Josh is amazing at building design systems and UX. He also demonstrated great collaboration skills while working with us. He showed that he is a fast learner, picking up new tech and agile framework skills in a short turnaround time. He was a great asset to the team!

- Kartik Sehgal, Director, Technical Product Management at EagleView

It’s rare to come across someone as passionate and curious about design systems as Josh is. I had the pleasure of working with Josh as EagleView began the journey of creating and implementing a design system. Throughout this project Josh’s excitement and in-depth research for design system best-practices as well as his attention to detail ensured we developed a solid foundation for our design system. Through Josh’s efforts the needs of both the UX and engineering teams are represented in our design system contributing to the success of our design system. Josh will be an asset to any team beginning the process of developing a design system or a team that is looking to take their existing design system to the next level.

- Alexandra Eikenbary, Product Designer at EagleView

I worked with Josh from 2019-2020. I could tell from the start that he was a passionate UX Designer. I worked with him as he defined technology options for EagleView’s Design System. He was very knowledgable and interested in finding the right technology — identifying pros and cons, both for our customers and for our development team, so that EagleView could be propelled towards a modern design while also providing an optimal customer experience. Given that, I’d love to work with Josh again in the future!

- John Stephens, Software Engineering Manager and Team Lead at EagleView