At Gusto, I was the main IC on the design system. I drove the end-to-end component design process, from research to implementation, including writing most of the technical documentation on the doc site. I wrote in detail about my process and published it in the Gusto Design publication on Medium here. Some of the components I designed and helped build were Autocomplete, FileDropField, and Timeline.

"Josh is every engineer's dream to work with. During my time on Design Systems [team], I saw so many great things come from Josh joining the team. He leveled up our team processes in a few ways. He standardized our design spec format and made it much easier for engineers to follow thereby saving us a good chunk of time. He improved our process for documenting our accessibility guidance and citations on our documentation. He takes the initiative on new components in multiple ways: Gathering feedback from product designers, prototyping the component so he can speak to a more technical perspective of the component, and lastly, coming up with a ton of potential use cases to ensure the component will support them. Josh was an absolute pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend him as a designer."

- Jordan Cutler, Software Engineer at Gusto

"Josh is a talented and detail-oriented designer, but his greatest asset is his ability to inspire. In the design community work he does, and as a teammate, Josh is humble, and his passion for design is palpable. Working with Josh at Gusto, I was constantly impressed and inspired by the amount of care and detail Josh put into research and documentation and his natural ability to work with engineers and make technical contributions."

- Ben Lister, Sr. Product Designer at Gusto